API Documentation

GameSense will work with games written in any language. View how to send game events and write handlers using the GameSense API.

Getting Started

  1. 1. Install SteelSeries Engine 3

    GameSense SDK is supported in SteelSeries Engine 3.4.0 or newer.

  2. 2. Visit our GameSense SDK GitHub repository

    All API documentation, walk throughs, and code examples are located here.

  3. 3. View the API Documentation

    Check out the documentation on how to send your first game events to the GameSense API and more.

  4. 4. View the Walkthroughs

    See developer walkthroughs outlining how we build our sample apps.

  5. 5. Sample Code

    View source code for sample applications built using the GameSense SDK. Want to enhance the sample apps? Submit a pull request – we will review your proposed changes.

  6. 6. Distribution

    Since the GameSense SDK doesn’t require any libraries, simply build your game and push the support out to your customers. Let us know what you’ve made by emailing us at developer@steelseries.com.

Supported Games

Supported Devices


  • Apex
  • Apex 350
  • Apex M800
  • Apex M800 Dota 2 International 2015 Edition


  • Siberia 150
  • Siberia Elite
  • Siberia Elite Prism
  • Siberia [RAW] Prism
  • Siberia v3 Prism
  • The Sims 4 Gaming Headset
  • World of Warcraft Gaming Headset


  • Rival
  • Rival Dota 2 Edition
  • Rival 100
  • Rival 300
  • Rival 300 CS:GO Fade Edition
  • Rival 300 Fallout 4 Edition
  • Sensei Wireless
  • The Sims 4 Gaming Mouse


  • The Sims 4 Plumbob
  • MSI GE62 Laptop
  • MSI GE72 Laptop